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EPDM Rubber Roofing in Bristol

Rubber roofing has a number of advantages when compared with other varieties of flat roofing systems, and is also a proven investment for homes with low sloping rooflines. Not least among the benefits of rubber roofing is that it offers far better protection against the elements preventing leaks and stopping water damage from rooflines.

Helped by the fact that rubber is lightweight compared with other roofing materials, the installation process for rubber roofing is simple and relatively straightforward. Another advantage when it comes to fitting rubber roofing is that it doesn’t require special tools. When flat roofs in particular are surfaced with rubber are extremely simple and straightforward.

Durable And Aesthetically Pleasing

With rubber roofing there are hardly any seams, which makes it more water-resistant than a number of other types of roofing material. Rubber roofs, despite being quite lightweight offer a durability not found with other types of flat roof. They have a good aesthetic appeal too – particularly when rubber shingles are in place over a sloped roof. Both of these advantages can also add a considerable amount to the value of your property when it comes to selling.

Rubber roofing is resistant against temperature extremes. Whether freezing cold or boiling hot, a rubber roof won’t crack under temperature extremes. It’s also not a combustible material, because it’s not easy to burn. You can expect a rubber roof to safeguard your property for a good 30-50 years with no issues.

Energy Efficient And Environmentally Friendly

Whilst the initial investment in a new rubber roofing can be quite high, it will payback over time in the form of reduced energy bills because rubber roofing is incredibly energy efficient. A white or lightly coloured rubber roof will save even more energy.

For those seeking to reduce their impact on the environment, you’ll be pleased to know that rubber roofing is constructed from recycled materials, therefore it represents an environmentally friendly option. Furthermore, it is proven to last twice as long as other roofline materials.

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